What Makes Us Happi

Hello! Welcome to Happi Ears, our little 3D printed earrings shop. We bring great design together with quality 3D printing to create pieces that are beautiful, unique & make you happi.


Sketching Process
Vector Process
3D Process


 The inspiration for Happi Ears came from our desire to design our own creations that are unique and bring joy. With a degree in graphic design, a love for eccentric earrings, & a 3D printer, we started creating. 

 Our earrings are printed with the highest quality PLA the market has to offer which allows us to print with high levels of detail, true colors, & zero warping. You can expect a PLA earring to be lightweight, durable, & easy to clean so you can wear all of your favorite designs comfortably.

You can also wear them carefree as PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch, various roots, & plants.



work station 3d printing construction


Another passion of ours is to make the world a more beautiful place through great design and by using sustainable resources. Along with our printing materials, our packaging is another way we are striving to create a business that is more eco friendly. If you ever have any suggestions on how we can make more environmentally conscious choices, please let us know!